Monday, December 7, 2015

You Are Enough!

Hat (on sale) // Lip (color - diva)

If I got a dollar for every time I've had someone tell me "Hats just don't look good on me", I could buy myself a new pair of shoes (not Louboutins or anything, but still a pair of shoes). A good majority of the population thinks that hats just don't look good on them & it is simply NOT true. When I get told that, I will follow-up their statement by asking the question, "Well have you ever tried one on?" No is often the answer I get.

Most people are hesitant to go the hat route because its not the early-mid 1900's anymore, when hats were an everyday accessory. Today they are an add-on piece, so when you take a chance with one it really tends to stand out. The heart of the matter is that ANYONE can wear a hat, but alot of people just don't want to stand out. Whether people realize it or not, that is often why they don't think hats look good on them. Hats are a bold accessory that draw attention to the face & people can weary to draw attention to themselves because they think that they aren't cool enough, fashionable enough, pretty enough, ______ enough *you fill in the blank* to wear one but its just not true! Yes, not every hat looks good on every head, so you need try some on BUT you will find on that fits just right & makes you look gorgeous!

So if you fall in the group of the above described people, go out & try you on some hats! You can do it! You are PRETTY ENOUGH, FASHIONABLE ENOUGH, COOL ENOUGH, you are ENOUGH to wear one & draw a bit of attention to your face. Embrace it, your beautiful!



  1. You are adorable! I love hats & just throw one on without looking in the mirror because I just don't want to know! haha! Happy holidays to you and your family!

  2. Such a beautiful hat! It will be perfect for my autumn list.
    Could you check your link - "Hat (on sale)"? I can't access to it.