Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 29 Weeks

29 weeks in & 11 to go! Boy how the time has flown by. I am in my third trimester now (crazy!). The second trimester was amazing! I totally understand what moms & doctors mean when they say it is the glory time frame. I was big enough that you could tell I was pregnant (& not just had to much to eat haha) but I wasn't so big that it was uncomfortable yet. Sickness was gone & energy was up! It was a great trimester. Thank you second trimester for a great time, how I loved you so!!

I am in the 3rd now & I am definitely feeling the shift. I feel big! I can't see my feet & shaving my legs is a wonderful challenge :) I feel like a grandma because I could happily go to sleep at 8:30-9:00 every night if possible. Sleeping is fun though because there definitely is no comfortable way to sleep anymore & I am awoken often by crazy kicks inside (I'm convinced we have a dancer on our hands because she has happy, dancing feet constantly). I love the kicks though & even the alien like movements you see on the outside of my stomach. There is a healthy little girl growing in there & it makes my heart so happy!

Loving: Orange juice, I crave it constantly!! My one coffee a day, my body is needing the little bit of caffeine boost in this trimester. Donuts, I have never been a huge donut fan but for some reason that is the sweet of choice that I have been wanting. 

Hating: Grilled chicken (Still! Its been my whole pregnancy)

Size: Baby peep is 17 inches long & 2.9 pounds. She is the size of a cabbage.

Can't live with out: Baths! I take one almost every day. It just feels so great on my back & stomach. Plus it just helps me slow down, unwind & de-stress. I want to get some good bath products, still on the hunt. Any recommendations?

Also, myregistry.com! It is the coolest registry site that lets you add items from any website on the web (even lets you put things from Etsy on there!). It has made creating a registry so much fun! Thanks for the recommendation Ema & Cari. 

Wearing: These Target maternity tank tops. I have 3 (turquoise, black & white) & they are so comfortable & long enough that they don't ride up. I want to get the black & white stripe one!

Can't wait for: A bigger bed! My husband, my snoogle, two pups & my pregnant self just don't comfortably make the queen size bed work anymore. The pups have been booted to the ottoman at the end of the bed but Its still tight! I am believing that a King sized bed is in my near future!

Thanks for reading!! xoxo #babypeep 

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