Thursday, January 15, 2015


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My new favorite spray is the light winter scent called "Man" by Versace. True confession, this is technically a man's fragrance but I adore it! My hubby has a hard time finding a perfume he likes on me because he finds most perfumes to be too sweet & overpowering. He loves the way this one smells & we both agree (as well as many review I found) that this is definitely a great unisex scent. I didn't know at first that it was even meant for men, I thought it was a perfume (I had a small sample size) but I am totally embracing it & rocking this 'man' scent. Don't knock it until you smell it! Its lemon, rosewood, cedar, amber, sage... yummy & not over powering. Perfect winter scent for a man or woman :)

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