Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 19 Weeks.

pregnancy post, 19 weeks, second trimester
19 weeks! Next week I will be half way... unbelievable. Time is going by so fast & so slow all at the same time. My stomach is stretching & this little baby peep of mine is now 6 inches long.

pregnancy post, 19 weeks, second trimester
Loving: Greek yogurt, pancakes, spinach salads with ranch dressing & citrus fruits/juices

Hating: Grilled chicken, straight up chocolate (must be mixed with something) & that I can't drink margaritas!

Size: Baby peep is 6 inches long & 1/2 a pound. (But my uterus is currently the size of a cantaloupe though... joy!)

Can't live with out: My snoogle!! I swear by that thing. As someone who normally sleeps on their back, the snoogle has changed my life.

Wearing: I got my first pair of maternity jeans & I love them! They are the Gap 1969 Full Panel Soft Sateen Jeans & they are so comfy, I highly recommend them (I am wearing them in the above photo).

Can't wait for: Us to get into our bigger place so that I can really start dreaming up & planning the space for our little peep. (The Pinterest board has been created, I just need the actual room now haha)

Thanks for reading!! xoxo #babypeep 


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