Friday, December 5, 2014


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Hello Lovelies! Its been a crazy, whirlwind around here lately. On Thanksgiving my husband & I had the greatest joy announcing the new addition to our little family. We are adding a new little pumpkin to our patch. So if you have been curious as to why there has been fewer post lately you can thank morning sickness, and if you've been wondering why I have been wearing a lot of sweaters you can thank the growing bump I have been concealing these last few weeks ;)

I will post next week about the 1st trimester journey but for now I just wanted to share with my online family that we will be adding a new little peep in June 2015! It feels so far yet so close at the same time. So the next few months the blog will be taking on the new journey of finding cute & affordable clothes that accommodates this growing peep inside! Excited for the journey ahead and I have already been pinning and dreaming like crazy! (pinterest proof  - baby board // nursery board

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