Saturday, May 17, 2014

Welcome To The Weekend // 5.17.14

Recent snapshots: 1 // This is Ms. Tumness giving us her best model pose.  2 // I am a stationary junkie, this papyrus cards is one of my all time favorites.  3 // A maple, bacon donut!  4 // Off to the races! my first time at Steeple Chase.  5 // Casual Monday attire.  6 // Repping Nashville with my BNA t-shirt.

Hello Lovelies! Welcome to the weekend. It has been a crazy week around here. My husband & I run our own website business (Scuttle Nerdery) & it is growing & taking us on this journey of constant surprises. It keeps us on our toes for sure. As well as this week my beautiful friend Brittany & I launched the sign-up page for a brand new site we are dreaming up together called Sparkle + Type, a blogging community. More details to come about that but until then you can check out our site here.

Favorite posts you have to check out:
1 // Iced Coffee Cubes! Yum, yum! Add these to milk & call it a day.
2 // How to make these gorgeous wrapped bouquets!
3 // Want to be successful? See what is consider the 10 things successful people do every day.
4 // Cookie & Milk Shots. Enough said.

Have the best weekend! Relax, eat some yummy food & surround yourself with good company.

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