Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tips on Creating a Small Office Space

I work from home & I live in a one bedroom apartment with my hubby & two pups, so making space for my office was necessary yet a little tricky. Here are a few of my tips on how to create an "office" when you have limited space.

  • Utilize the corners in your place, Often the corner space in dinning, living & bedrooms are left empty because all of the furniture is in the middle of the room. So find yourself a small desk (I got mine at target) and fill-up that empty corner.
  • Put your desk near a window, the natural light makes it more welcoming so you will actually want to work there. 
  • Choose your desk top accessories wisely. Because you are working with such a small space you don't want to put to much on the desk or else it will feel cluttered. 
  • Get a desk with a drawer in it! To shove all of the odds-n-ends that every work space has/needs.
  • Add some personality! It's your desk, so let it look like it belongs to you. I added glitter coasters, bright colored accessories & candles. Adding things like this will make you enjoy your desk so you actually want to sit at it :)
  • Utilize wall space. I love desk calendars but unfortunately I don't have enough room to have one, so I created my own weekly calendar with washi tape on my wall & hung a cute monthly calendar on the other wall.  
  • Most important! Get a comfy chair. I don't care how cute your desk is, if your butt/lower back hurts from sitting in your desk chair you won't want to sit in it very often! Invest in something nice and comfy. 
Those are just a few of my tips! Share with me any great office tips you may have below in the comments section. Also for further office inspiration check out my work space pinterest board where I have collected heaps of great office ideas over the past few months.


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  2. I have had an office like that. This one seems to be more well-stocked than mine.

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  4. Great work Holly! I wish I can also set the same office.We are going to transfer to our new one at Crown @ Robinson and according to my boss, she will give me my own space and so I am looking for inspirations that I can use. Thanks for sharing this post I love it!

  5. This is very nice. I actually bought a new condo in Singapore newest at west coast but my future plans is to make it as a small family business office. I hope to follow your crafts very creative and enticing.

  6. I do agree with you Scuttle! We must utilize the wall space and every corner of the room. Thanks for sharing this one! I am planning to do the same with my newly bought city gate condo Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea!

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