Wednesday, March 19, 2014


What is a must have piece for this coming spring? A killer statement necklace.
Yep, they were big last year & they are big again this year. A great, bold statement necklace is a one-piece wonder that transforms the look of any outfit & can turn a plain outfit into something fancy. Here are some easy, go-to pairings:
- Pair a statement necklace with any of your favorite button-downs. Go chic with a crisp white button down & crystal statement necklace for a power-house work look or pair a patterned button-down with a necklace that packs a punch of color for a casual work Friday or weekend look.

- Layer your favorite tank with a fringe statement necklace to give it a laid back, eclectic feel, OR go with a classier, crystal look & throw on a blazer to turn your tank into a power house ensemble.

- Been bumming around in your favorite tee on your lazy Saturday off but want to head out to a fun dinner out, throw on a statement necklace to automatically dress up your otherwise, simple outfit.

Statement necklaces are great because they pack such a bold punch of personality, you often have no need for any other jewelry. You are more than welcome to throw on bangles, earrings & rings with your necklace but don't feel that you have to. A statement necklace does just that, makes a STATEMENT, so let it speak for itself & don't over complicate with to many other accessories. 

I have been on the hunt for some new statement necklaces, here are a few of my favorite:

Also check out my pinterest board, "Statement Necklaces" that I consistently update with my favorite finds. 

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