Thursday, December 19, 2013

Old Faithfuls

There are a few things in my closet that I am obsessed with & have featured way to many times on the blog but it goes to show you how much I really do love them. Today I am pretty much wearing all of those things at once!

  • Boots - by BCBG & I have reached that point were I either need to send them to a cobbler or break down & find a replacement pair. (I'm leaning toward a replacement pair, I really like these by Frye)
  • Jacket - the Debi Drapped Front Jacket got it from Jaleh in September & I practically sleep in it
  • Scarf - paid a whopping $8 for it 3 years ago at Forever 21 (similar one here) & I wear it atleast 3 days a week. I am convinced it goes with everything (even when it doesn't!)
  • Leggings - these guys are from Lululemon & are actually exercise tights but I pretty much wear them any day I am not working. Doing laundry & unloading the dishwasher counts as exercise right??
These are my go-to, brainless, old faithful pieces in my wardrobe. We all have them, what are yours?

p.s. - I finally figured out how to tie my scarf like a bow!! Check out this pinterest post for step-by-step instructions.


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