Friday, October 11, 2013

Seeing Red

I am a firm believer in red lips. You will very rarely see me without a shade of red on. It dresses up any outfit & just makes you feel sassy! There are so many different shades of red out there that every woman can find the perfect shade that fits their skin color & personality. I have a few different types & shades of red that I alternate through all of the time & would highly recommend, here they are: (clockwise starting at the top)

  1. Rimmel (Bordeaux) -This is a wine colored lipstick & will match beautifully with your fall wardrobe pieces. If you are not up to rocking a fire engine red just yet then this is the color for you - a shade of red with personality but not over the top. Tip: don't do numerous coats (unless playing a vampire for halloween) because it becomes really dark each coat you apply.
  2. Origins (Hot Date) - The perfect red lip gloss. Some days you want something fast, easy & on-the-go & this is the perfect gloss for that. Still gives you the beautiful pop of color but goes on super easy & smells like peppermint
  3. Urban Decay (69) - Red with a hunt of orange. This color works best for my skin tone during the summer when I have a wee bit of a tan. The color lasts for hours!
  4. Aveda (Ginger Lily) - This is my holiday time go-to. It is a darker red then the origins gloss & it has a sparkly finish to it! Very festive with easy application.
  5. Maybelline (Red Revival 645) - Probably one of the most popular reds on the market. It is your standard fire engine red lipstick that has a glossy finish. Its a staple in my make-up bag & you can't go wrong with this baby.
  6. Mac (Russian Red) - My Personal Favorite! 5 out of 7 days a week this is the color you will see me wearing. I love it because it is a matte finish & that always looks super polished to me. It last for hours & one good coat is all you need. I never leave home without it :)
Those are my favorites! Do you have a lip color or brand you swear by??


  1. I agree MAC is the absolute best! My fave shade by them is Captive, its the perfect berry hue!
    xo Kate

  2. I'm normally scared of dark lips on me. But at the Private Edition event I got a sheer mulberry, which worked with my light hair. So excited to try others. Which red do you think is great for girls with lighter hair?