Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Buckle Up & Enjoy The Ride

Its been awhile, I know! I miss my little slice of blogging heaven & I am happy to be back. In the words of Katy Perry, life has been a little cray-cray lately. These past few weeks have held quite a few adventures & surprises.

I went home for 4 days last week to celebrate my beautiful friend's, Andrew & Jessie, wedding! My husband & were both in the wedding plus it was my mother-in-laws birthday while we were there. It turned out to be a jam packed few days of endless parties & meals with friends/family. It was my first time going home & what an interesting experience it was. It is so strange having to schedule in time blocks to see all of your friends & family. I wish I could have turned the days from 24 hours to 28 hours!

Also I have recently had a wee bit of a job shift as well. Out of the blue an opportunity to work for Kate Spade was presented to me & of course I said yes!! Bow, sparkles & all things girly... yes please! It was sad to leave the Free People family but I am so excited for the new adventure I am on. You just never know where the twisting road of life will take you but just buckle up & embrace the ride :)

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  1. What the what!? That is so exciting!! Get it girl! Tell me all about it on the blogger tour in a couple of weeks??


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