Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Buckle Up & Enjoy The Ride

Its been awhile, I know! I miss my little slice of blogging heaven & I am happy to be back. In the words of Katy Perry, life has been a little cray-cray lately. These past few weeks have held quite a few adventures & surprises.

I went home for 4 days last week to celebrate my beautiful friend's, Andrew & Jessie, wedding! My husband & were both in the wedding plus it was my mother-in-laws birthday while we were there. It turned out to be a jam packed few days of endless parties & meals with friends/family. It was my first time going home & what an interesting experience it was. It is so strange having to schedule in time blocks to see all of your friends & family. I wish I could have turned the days from 24 hours to 28 hours!

Also I have recently had a wee bit of a job shift as well. Out of the blue an opportunity to work for Kate Spade was presented to me & of course I said yes!! Bow, sparkles & all things girly... yes please! It was sad to leave the Free People family but I am so excited for the new adventure I am on. You just never know where the twisting road of life will take you but just buckle up & embrace the ride :)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

YouTube It!

Have you heard about Diamond Candles yet? If not check out this little video to learn more & then enter for your chance to win your own diamond candle on an recent blog post I did here !! You can also YouTube "Diamond Candles" and find a whole bunch of videos of people revealing the rings they found in their candles, so cool!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


shirt - Old Navy / sweatshirt - Forever 21 / necklace - Max & Chloe / bracelet - Kate Spade / watch - Michael Kors / Rings - Top Shop & Forever 21  

Last year the animal sweaters hit big in the fashion world & this year isn't much different, it has just expanded to sweatshirts now too. Just embrace it, animals are cool.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Seeing Red

I am a firm believer in red lips. You will very rarely see me without a shade of red on. It dresses up any outfit & just makes you feel sassy! There are so many different shades of red out there that every woman can find the perfect shade that fits their skin color & personality. I have a few different types & shades of red that I alternate through all of the time & would highly recommend, here they are: (clockwise starting at the top)

  1. Rimmel (Bordeaux) -This is a wine colored lipstick & will match beautifully with your fall wardrobe pieces. If you are not up to rocking a fire engine red just yet then this is the color for you - a shade of red with personality but not over the top. Tip: don't do numerous coats (unless playing a vampire for halloween) because it becomes really dark each coat you apply.
  2. Origins (Hot Date) - The perfect red lip gloss. Some days you want something fast, easy & on-the-go & this is the perfect gloss for that. Still gives you the beautiful pop of color but goes on super easy & smells like peppermint
  3. Urban Decay (69) - Red with a hunt of orange. This color works best for my skin tone during the summer when I have a wee bit of a tan. The color lasts for hours!
  4. Aveda (Ginger Lily) - This is my holiday time go-to. It is a darker red then the origins gloss & it has a sparkly finish to it! Very festive with easy application.
  5. Maybelline (Red Revival 645) - Probably one of the most popular reds on the market. It is your standard fire engine red lipstick that has a glossy finish. Its a staple in my make-up bag & you can't go wrong with this baby.
  6. Mac (Russian Red) - My Personal Favorite! 5 out of 7 days a week this is the color you will see me wearing. I love it because it is a matte finish & that always looks super polished to me. It last for hours & one good coat is all you need. I never leave home without it :)
Those are my favorites! Do you have a lip color or brand you swear by??

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Vertically Challenged

shirt - TopShop / jeans - Hudsons / necklace - Max & Chloe / bag - Free People / shoes - Nine West / lips - Mac

I'm not tall but the pants make me look tall so they are keepers! Not only do the high-waisted flares make my legs look really long but also the 6 inch heels I am wearing underneath helps :) Just a few things to help us who are a wee bit vertically challenged.

p.s. - This is my new go-to necklace by Max & Chloe that I am convinced goes with everything!! Right now they are hosting a giveaway to win one of their gorgeous Alvina Abramova necklaces, you should check it out here

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Prize Inside of the Cracker Jack Box

I am so excited to share this find with you! This is a Diamond Candle - a.k.a the greatest gift to ever give. Not only is it a yummy smelling all natural soy candle made by a husband & wife duo BUT every candle has a ring inside! Yep, you read that right. Every candle contains a ring worth $10, $100, $1000 or $5000. You see that little gold packet, that is where the ring is kept nice & safe until you burn it long enough to get the packet out. Every candle has a surprise ring, so you can pick your scent but not your ring... so you never know what little surprise is waiting for you. This is like an adult version of a cracker jack prize but way better.

This is the candle I picked, its cupcake scented (I love candles that smell like food!). I am burning my candle right now so I can get to my ring! I will post a picture of my ring instagram & twitter as soon as I get it out. (follow me on twitter & instagram so you don't miss the big  moment)

Now the amazing people over at Diamond Candles wanted to share the love with the Scuttle readers! One of you guys will win your own Diamond Candle of choice & hopefully get one with a $5000 ring inside ;)  Here are three easy ways to enter to win:

a Rafflecopter giveaway 
Good Luck!

My Fall Outfit Inspiration:

Stripes, flannel, quilted patterns, sweatshirts, skinny jeans, leopard print, sweaters, loafers, button-downs, distressed denim, boots... thats my fall inspiration! What about you?

1 - going east coastal / 2 - could i have that?
3 - happily grey / 4 - sea of shoes

Monday, October 7, 2013

Statement Necklace?

One question that I have been getting alot lately is... "Are statement necklaces still in style?" My answer - Heck Yes!!

I am so happy to say yes because I love a bold pop of jewelry to liven up an outfit. The statement necklace has been a big trend the past few seasons & that is not going to change this fall, so don't store those beauties away or shy from buying them because they are still a girls best friend when it comes to accessorizing this fall! You can throw them with almost everything. Dress up a sweatshirt or thermal, put it with an all black outfit to have a tasteful pop of color.... the pairings are endless!

This is my new favorite statement necklace from Max & Chloe (they also have it in this color & I love it as well! I may just have to have it too!) & I love how classy it is but still fun. So go pick you up a few statement pieces for fall & let them be your easy, go-to accessories!

Make sure to check out my new go-to jewelry site Max & Chloe because they have some great pieces that are budget friendly :) Here are a few of my favorites:

Gold & Crystal 
Coral & Purple
Green, Gold & Crystal
Green, Black & Mint
Purple, Grey & Coral

horse sweater - J.Crew / henley - Free People

Friday, October 4, 2013

Lets Talk About Skin

Lets talk about skin shall we? For the past 5 years I have been in an up hill battle with my skin. It wasn't until I was married & on birth control that I got acne!! Whats up with that? I was no longer a teenager & I was on acne fighting meds & thats when my skin breaks out! Oh the irony. So recently I have been on a journey to get this whole situation sorted out & I am happy to say that my skin is now clearer then its been in years! In this photo I am wearing nothing on my skin (I only have lipstick, eye liner & mascara on), thats right no need for foundation or cover-up every day! Here is what I have done to get my skin better:
  • I got off of birth control! Think about it, if people take BC to fix their skin, it can have the reverse effect on some. When your dealing with hormones, everyone is effected differently & it played a big role in my breakouts. It took a few months to get it out of my system, but once it was out I could tell a huge difference.
  • I stopped using harsh cleansers every time I washed my face. I have combination skin, which means it starts out dry & ends up oily by the end of the day. Every time I would wash my face (morning & night) my skin would be oily, so I would use a strong cleanser to remove the oil. What I learned is that I don't need to remove all the oil! Completely removing all the oil just forced my skin to reproduce more oil and kept the combination skin circle going. Every time you wash your skin you don't need to completely strip it of everything with a strong cleanser. What I did was switch up my usual regimen: at night I wash my face with a acne fighting cleanser that cleans all the dirt off from the day & in the morning I use gentle face wipes to remove a little bit of the oil & refresh my skin (its not like you are profusely sweating or sleeping in the dirt at night, so no need to do an intense clean). 
  • Cut out dairy. Alot of different research has shown that high sugar & diary diets can lead to acne prone skin, so I have cut out a majority of diary out of my diet. I switched to almond milk in my cereal, smoothies & baking, I don't add cheese to everything like I was :) & I switched to a non-diary creamer. Just making these easy changes has eliminated 95% of my diary consumption but my food still tastes scrumptious. The only thing I do miss is a big glass of milk with  fresh baked cookies, yum! 
  • Juicing! Yep, I have become a juicer. I am one of those people who drinks the weird looking green drinks & I love it! Ever since I have incorporated drinking 1-2 juices a day into my diet my skin & sleep has improved significantly. I am now able to get so many more vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants & amino acids into my diet then I was getting before. Packing in more veggies & fruits into my diet has helped my complexion leaps & bounds. Juicing can be simple too! I juice every morning & create two juices for the day & I am set. If you don't want to whip out the juicer every morning you can always buy juices already made (no I am not talking about Welch's from concentrate - I mean real fresh juice with no added sugar!). If you live in Nashville like I do, there is a fabulous company called Juice Nashville that is a great option for ready-to-drink options. If you don't live in the Nashville area, google & search your city, there are juice bars to be found! When in doubt, hit the grocery store & search out some good juices to pick up. 
Those are the 4 major changes I have made & I have seen a huge difference is my skin & just all around health through these switches. Now I am no health care professional but these are just a few tips that have worked for me! I have hunted down answers for 5 years now & I just want to save people time, money & sanity. If you have any skin care tips that have worked for you I would love to hear them! Please leave a comment below!

Have a great day!

*I am by no means a medical doctor, these are tips based purely off of my research & personal experience.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tres Chic

Tres Chic! Fall is all about sweaters. You can find them in all different styles - striped, solid, fuzzy, animal faces, cute sayings & more! So many choices & you can't really go wrong (accept please no Christmas sweaters). They can be dressed up with a skirt & blazer or dressed down with jeans & flats. An easy go-to fall piece.

sweater - Forever21 / skirt - Mural (similar skirt)                               socks - Topshop / booties - Topshop / watch - Michael Kors           lips - MAC (Russian Red)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

In The Navy

Its an all navy kind of day. I'm not one to usually wear an outfit of solid color but I'm breaking out of my box and I'm likin' it!
sweater - J.Crew / jeans - Hudson / bag - vintage Etienne Aigner  shoes - Merona / watch - Michael Kors / bracelet - Kate Spade      lips - MAC / rings - (left to right) wedding band, Topshop, Forever 21, Forever 21, vintage heirloom

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Splurge or Steal

Silver Flats

As soon as I saw these lace up J.Crew oxfords I fell in love. I even hunted them down in the store & tried these beauties on. I was head over heels for these babies but my budget was not. So, I went on the hunt for a cheaper equivalent that still made my little fashion filled heart flutter & I came across these cute little pointed moccasins with tassels & decided they would do. They happily joined my shoe collection :)


You know which I picked. What about you? Would you splurge or go for the steal?