Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Trench It Up!

Lets have a real moment here... How is a girl suppose to start stocking up on the fall essentials when all of the summer cuteness is on sale!?! Come on, be honest. It's hard to buy a full-price sweater when that adorable summer dress is 50% off on the rack right next to it BUT you know that if you buy the dress its wear is limited for this year! It would just have to sit & wait until it can come out of hibernation for next spring. Let's find a solution to that problem shall we??

It is simple, take a dress into fall by 
1) throwing a jacket over it &
2) wearing it with a pair of boots/booties. 

Make sure to pick a jacket that is a fall color (so no hot pinks or neon yellows!). Pair it with a great boot that screams fall. VIOLA! Carry that dress into the fall season, you can even put tights/leggings on underneath the dress to carry it into the even colder months. 

So don't feel bad when you snatch up that great clearance deal. You can totally validate it because you can wear it this fall. 

dress - Red Dress Boutique / jacket - Banana Republic (polka dot gone but they have it in plaid!) / earrings - Carolee 

Looking for some great dresses?
You should check out the Red Dress Boutique! That is where I got the striped dress I am wearing here (Its on-sale now for $23, thats 50% of original price!) as well as this maxi that I love. They have some great end-of-summer dresses as well as some in beautiful colors for fall! I am currently eyeing this beauty

Happy Dress Hunting!

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  1. Love that Jacket! So cute. I know how you feel! I work right in the heart of downtown Seattle. Nordstrom is on their summer sales kick right now. It hurts to buy sweater dresses over tank dresses. Haha.