Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fashion Week + $50

photo credit: changing dream
Good Morning from sky!
Yep I am en route flying to NYC for fashion week as I type. I am surprised that the plane could even take off with the amount of luggage that I brought with me! I have no shame though, its NYC & its Fashion Week what more could you expect from me. In celebration of the fashion glory that is about to commence how about we kick off the party with a little giveaway?

You remember my gorgeous friend Jenna from Let's Go Sunning? She did the fabulous guest post on my blog last week about how to make a DIY Sawhorse Table. Well we are teaming up to host quite the fabulous giveaway. One winner will score as $50 giftcard to the store of their choice! That's right, any store their heart desires! Giveaway closes 9/12 @ 12:00am. So what are you waiting for? Enter!!
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  1. Hiiii!!! :) I've responded to your winners email like 4 times, but I still haven't gotten a response and I'm worried that my emails aren't going through. Can you drop me a line when you get a chance? :) Thanks!