Friday, July 12, 2013

Pack Light but Right

I am headed to Mexico on Monday! I am so excited. I will be staying at Secrets the Vine in Cancun & I can't wait (I will keep you updated with photos & stories along the way). That means that the vaca packing has commenced. The number one issue when packing for women is shoes! They take up alot of space & you need a few different pairs for various reasons (but you don't need 7 or 8 pairs like some ladies like to think :). So lets talk over what you actually need to bring when headed to a beach vacation.
1 - A pair of wedges or heels.
Reason being that you will inevitably go out to a nicer dinner or maybe a show. So a pair of shoes that will dress up a sun dress is a must. I pick wedges over heels because to me they dress up an outfit but they don't  go over board. Some heels scream "I should be walking the red carpet" and that is not your aim. Wedges always feel like the perfect fit for a summer time dress.
 2 - A pair of flats that go with almost anything.
A solid pair of flats should be your travel go to shoes. There comfortable, easy to pack and go with practically everything. Plus this is what you wear when you go to the airport so that you aren't that crazy person in the security line that holds everyone up because it takes you 5 minutes to get your shoes off. (I said flats that "go with almost anything" & I am firm believer in that leopard matches almost anything!)
3 - A pair of sandals that can be worn in an outfit & at the pool.
Pick a multi-purpose sandal to bring. Instead of bringing a pair of flip flops for the pool & a pair of sandals to match with your shorts & dresses, pick a shoe that does both. A flat sandal that is easy to get on & off but that are cute enough to wear in an outfit if you go shopping or exploring.
 4 - ALWAYS bring a pair of sneakers.
You just never know what adventures you will go on. So many times I have been on a relaxing vaca that has lead to taking a hike to some awesome ruins or going biking through the national park. So yes, it is vaca and exercise may be the farthest thought from your mind but bring them just in case! Don't want to say no to a grand adventure just because you don't have the right shoes.

4 pairs of shoes! That is manageable and you will be prepared for anything. 
Now I am off to pack up my 4 pairs for Mexico. The ocean is calling my name!

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