Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Shadow

I am one of those people who can get in an eyeshadow rut. I have worn a gold & green combo on my eyes for about the past 4 years. Occasionally I will change it up but it is my default that I wear pretty much everyday. Well I have found a new default for the spring! BA Star has these great eyeshadow pallets & my favorite is this neutral set that has some glitter options with it!! I do a nice gold over the lid & then put the dark brown in the corner & then spice it up by adding a bit of the sparkle over it. Still neutral but the sparkle keeps it fun! No boring here - thats my kind of neutral eye.

BA Star is so sweet & they are giving Scuttle readers a 50% discount on their eye shadows (they are only $8.75 before the discount!)  If you want more adventurous colors they have some other beautiful eyeshadow pallets with colors that really POP and will be great for spring. 
Just enter BBSMOKY at checkout & get 50% off!

Check out BA Stars complete eyeshadow line & get your eyes sparkling for spring!

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