Thursday, April 18, 2013

Men's Wear Monthly - Effortlessly Cool

I laugh whenever I hear guys talk about how they don't have as many fashion options as women. Yes, this is true that women do have more options but now-a-days there are countless possibilities out there for men as well! Crew, henley, v-neck, wide, slim-fit, tank, long-sleeve button down, short-sleeve button down, polo, hoodie, vest, sweatshirt.... those are just a few of the top options for men and that doesn't even include jackets (point proven!) Guys have options! So I want to take the chance to start featuring some fly guys who have fashion swag and embrace all of the fashion options that are out there. 

I'd like to introduce you to Herbert! You will be seeing him more on Scuttle. He my friends, has fashion swag. He is rocking a casual weekend ensemble that doesn't break the bank. Effortlessly cool without looking like he is trying to hard. 

Hat - J. Crew / Pants - Gap / Shoes - Goodwill / Shirt - Macys

Come on guys, you can do it! Explore those options. 

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  1. Love the hat! He's got the pants rolled up too, which is one of the best fashion tips for short men I know. Somehow it tricks the eye and makes the person look taller. And it doesn't look silly like overly large platform shoes!