Monday, April 22, 2013

Celebrate Earth Day In A Fashionable Way

Have you stopped by H&M lately? You really should so you can see their line called "Conscious" which is named for all of the companies hard work that is focused on a more sustainable fashion future.  "Conscious" Collections, Actions, and Products are at the core of the companies corporate and fashion initiatives. This year, H&M created two unique collections made from more sustainable materials,  launched a global garment recycling program to reduce waste and partnered with Global Green USA, WWF and WaterAid.
So this Earth Day if you are trying to decide what to do and don't have a green thumb like me, consider following H&M's example and recycle some garments that you are no longer wearing (95% of what people buy goes into landfills - so recycle your clothes!) or buy some earth "Conscious" pieces that are made with sustainable materials. You can be fashionable and love the earth at the same time like these ladies are:
1 / Jessica Lowndes 2 / Jessica Stroup 3 / Victoria Justice 

Wearing sustainable materials is looking pretty fabulous and because it is H&M you know it won't break the bank. So celebrate the earth today by recycling your old garments and by spending a little green on some sustainable fashion. Happy Earth Day!

*Images & video courtesy of H&M

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