Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Trends: Hot Pink & A Pop!

Heels - H&M / Bandeau - Urban  / Tee - Urban / Vest - Thrifted /
 Jeans - Free People / Lips - MAC

 Spring! Spring! Spring! Lets talk about Spring!
Alright I am wearing two of the big spring trends right: 
1) Hot Pink Lips! 2) Super Bright Pops of Color

 Hot pink lips are the new "red lip" for spring. It is one of the easiest & cheapest accessories to add to any outfit. Plus wearing lipstick always makes you feel fancy & put together (some days when I am not leaving the house & staying in my pj's, I still put some on to feel like I at least tried. Anyone else do that?) I tried on many different shades & brands but this color by MAC is by favorite by far! It is called "Girl About Town". 

The super bright colors are back again! If you weren't a fan of the fluorescent & the color-blocking madness that hit last summer... sorry but you are just plain out of luck because they are back again for this spring & summer. Don't feel like committing to a whole outfit of color? Well just throw on a bright heel like I did & dress-up your usual jeans & tee while throwing in some fashion fun!

  Are you going to try one of these trends this summer?

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  1. I can never pull off red lips. Maybe this is an excuse to go out and get a pink color!! So cute!