Monday, February 18, 2013

How Have You Been?

I've missed you!! If I was your girlfriend you would have totally broken up with me by now because of my lack of communication (especially around valentines day!). I have majorly been MIA lately. Can I be honest with you? This is a safe place to share right? I have been struggling in 2013. This year is shaping up to be quite a crazy one. My hubby & I took a major step of faith & started our own business while at the same time I got the flu, which turned into bronchitis, which then turned into pneumonia (ugh!) that I still haven't kicked yet. I feel that I haven't completely been myself (taking Loritab can do that to ya!) & that I am just now getting my bearing again. Hopefully you haven't broken-up with me & if so consider this my "I'm Sorry" card with a box of chocolates attached. 

Just to catch up on the things that have been happening lately:
Did a Paint & Sip painting class with these crazy ladies & our hubbies.
Went & saw the Biebs!
Still building a business with this guy.

and I had a small little thing last Friday. (SMS birthday card from my sister)

That has been my life in a nut shell these past few weeks. Anything new?
What have I missed? Missed you all!!

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