Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Crate & Barrel Dream Office Inspiration

I am in dyer need of an office make over! I have been obsessing over the Crate & Barrel, CB2 & West Elm sites lately just dreaming up exactly what I want to do. My wish list is one of the most eclectic things you have seen. I have every style on it (rustic, modern, vintage, massive POPS of color, all white... and the list goes on) & I am not quite sure yet which direction I want to take it. I stumbled onto the photo above of this gorgeous Phoenix work table from Crate & Barrel and I instantly fell in Love! Isn't it beautiful??  I was so inspired that I created a whole office decor plan around it :) Very clean but with a rustic hint to it with a color palette of pink, navy, gold & brown.

Dream Office
1/ Pillow 2/ Pendant Lamp  3/ Wing Chair 4/ Table 5/ Lamp 6/ Trash Can 7/ Rug 8/ Baskets

Oh dream office how I am ready to create you!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

STEAL! Spring Denim

Every year I do the same thing, at the end of February I pack away all of my sweaters. It is my way of saying goodbye to the cold & hello to spring! Unfortunately the weather has not followed my actions so for now I am just doing alot of layering because I refuse to get the sweaters back out!

Any how, in preparation for spring I have started the hunt for some gorgeous pastels to add to my wardrobe & look at this STEAL I ran across. Gaps' 1969 always skinny skimmer jeans in violet & mint green for cheap, cheap! The mint green are $24.99 & the violet are $21.99. I love Gap denim! Great fit & even better price. So If you are looking for a few good spring POPS of color, look no further!
I really want both pairs but I think I am leaning more towards the mint, what do you think?

Come on Spring!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Daily Twinkles

A lot of times, for me at least  I get so wrapped up in seeing the big picture come to pass that I miss all of the daily twinkles of happiness along the way. A lot of the sparks of fun in life don't come with the big victory at the end of the journey, but they come every single day in the little things that make you smile. So today choose to notice the smaller things. They may seem unimportant but on the contrary they are just the things that make every day so darn fun. So slow down, look around & enjoy. That is what I choose to do today & here are some of the things that I have realized make me smile & make my days that much better..
  • New razor blades that make shaving not nearly as annoying
  • A cute coffee mug that makes me look forward to my morning cup of Joe that much more
  • Jeans straight from the dryer
  • Brand new, never opened magazine that arrived in the mail
  • Favorite pen that writes just right!
  • Reeses peanut butter eggs (best candy ever! that is the tastiest peanut butter)
  • Writing on the first page of a new notebook
  • Physically crossing off items on my To Do list
  • The sound of rain when your sleeping
  • Lotion that smells like the beach when it is freezing out
  • Opening my Birch Box of goodies
  • Getting out of the shower & not freezing
These are just a few of the things that put a smile on my face so far. I am blessed to have so many little moments of joy throughout the day, even if I don't always realize them. I love life's little blessings! Take some time & think about the little things that bring a twinkle to your day. I would love for you to leave a comment & share with me some of the things that have brought a smile to your face today.

Slow down, look around & enjoy

Photo by Lady a La Mode

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Polka Dot Polka Dot!

SQUIRREL! - We were all staring after the cute little critter
Shirt - Gap (similar)
Tights - Apt 9 (kohls)
Shorts - Free People

Military meets polka dots! 
Can't be done? I beg to differ! Polka dot top & tights paired with a heavy tweed short & military inspired boot to create an outfit that is a mash-up of two different worlds. All of the pieces are very structured & work great together as well as the black-pink-brown color combo. Two sets of dots may be considered ambitious but I am feeling feisty today so I went for it ;)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Spring On The Lips

I am ready for spring!! Can I get an Amen???
 Unfortunately winter isn't letting go of its greedy grasp yet. As I type this it is in the 30's with 10mph wind, so the chill is still here. I am one of those crazy people though who will start wearing opened-toed shoes the first week of March regardless if there is snow on the ground or not. I like to think that my positive thinking & actions will bring about the warm weather faster!! (atleast that is what I tell myself).

I am not crazy enough to break out the open-toed shoes yet but I am breaking out this MAC hot pink lip, that is very much a spring color, to help welcome the changing of season! So spring may not be on my feet yet but it is on my lips.
Necklace - Anthropologie 
Earrings - Betsey Johnson (similar)
Blouse - Banana Repulic
Sweater - Trouve (similar)
Boots - Steve Madden
Bag - Vintage Coach
Bracelets - Banana Republic

See you soon Spring!

Monday, February 18, 2013

How Have You Been?

I've missed you!! If I was your girlfriend you would have totally broken up with me by now because of my lack of communication (especially around valentines day!). I have majorly been MIA lately. Can I be honest with you? This is a safe place to share right? I have been struggling in 2013. This year is shaping up to be quite a crazy one. My hubby & I took a major step of faith & started our own business while at the same time I got the flu, which turned into bronchitis, which then turned into pneumonia (ugh!) that I still haven't kicked yet. I feel that I haven't completely been myself (taking Loritab can do that to ya!) & that I am just now getting my bearing again. Hopefully you haven't broken-up with me & if so consider this my "I'm Sorry" card with a box of chocolates attached. 

Just to catch up on the things that have been happening lately:
Did a Paint & Sip painting class with these crazy ladies & our hubbies.
Went & saw the Biebs!
Still building a business with this guy.

and I had a small little thing last Friday. (SMS birthday card from my sister)

That has been my life in a nut shell these past few weeks. Anything new?
What have I missed? Missed you all!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Love Poem to Yeah! Burger

I would like to share with you a short love poem to one of my favorite Hamburger joints in ATL:
Oh YEAH! Burger how I love you.
You & your tasty hamburgers that aren't packed full of random additives & preservatives. 
So fresh & tasty, topped with all of my favorites like grilled onions, sauteed mushrooms & bbq sauce. 
Oh and to make it even better, you have the tasty gluten free sweet potato fries around. 
Oh Yeah! Burger how grateful I am that you are in my life.
The end. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Sorry for the absence! Last week is the biggest blur of my life. I honestly don't remember anything from Monday - Thursday really. The flu is EVIL! If you come in contact with anyone who has it RUN, as fast & as far as you can because it is brutal. I am just now feeling somewhat normal again. Happy to get back in the real world. Now, onto happier things...

The first time I saw this nail polish in Urban Outfitters a year ago I laughed, rolled my eyes & called it a scam... a year later it is my new favorite thing! Magnetic nail polish, can it really make the pattern it claims on the bottle?... oh yes my friend. I have this bottle of Essie "snake it up" magnetic nail polish that my beautiful friend Angela got me for Christmas & it is fabulous! Now mind you the pattern is never perfect but I think that is due more to user error :) The trick is you put on 2 coats & then cover it with the magnetic IMMEDIATELY. If you don't do it right away it will not work at all. 

So next time you pass it in the beauty aisle at Target pick you up a bottle & give it a try!