Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Crazy Day

Starting new business = Crazy schedule! 
Trying to shift all of the plates I balance in life to fit another LARGE one (more like a platter than a plate!) into my life with starting Scuttle Nerdery. This week is the first official week of full-time, no back-up plan, we are really doing this work. The hubby & I are full force working, scheming, coding (him, not me :), calculating & selling this week with no other source of income to fall back on. Scary? Heck Ya! Exciting? Of Course!! 

So I have been a bit all over the place lately, hence why I haven't been the best at doing blog post lately, sorry! My life has been all about just getting by on the basics until I get my head wrapped around our knew schedule. My make-up regimen has been one of the first things that got kicked to the "basics only" box. So I have lived in Maybelline BB cream, BareMinerals concealer & Origins GinZing mascara (the best ever!)

Here is to starting new ventures & making life an even crazier ride!!

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