Thursday, December 6, 2012

Trench In The Wild

One of the most classic staples in any wardrobe is a trench coat.  It the best because you are ready for any element mother nature might throw at you & you will always look classy wearing one. I know people who bought their trench coat over 20 years ago & today they still wear it & it is still as in style & fabulous as the day they bought it, so it truly is an investment piece. When most people think about wearing a trench coat they think about wearing it like this...
which is right! In the winter months it is perfect bundled up & finished off with a scarf. The problem is that most people stop there, they think that that is the only way to rock one. Well I am here to tell you friend that there are more options! Lets take a quick look alternative way you can wear the trench as part of the outfit, not just something you put on while walking from the front door to your car. Hopefully this will bust that theoretical box you have put your trench coat in & release it into the wild of you wardrobe where it can explore & have infinite possibilities!!
Wearing it like this you treat it/style it like you would when wearing a blazer, pair it with a great tee & a chunky statement necklace. To keep it open & look more fitted tie the belt in the back in a pretty bow. If its is warmer outside, scrunch the sleeves up like I did for a more casual & fall/spring appropriate look.

See it isn't that hard, you just have to look at your trench as another wardrobe piece instead of purely an outerwear jacket. Let your trench & imagination run wild in your wardrobe & create some cute fall ensembles with these tips.

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