Friday, December 28, 2012

Stripes + Dots

Free People - Pants / Anthropologie - Sweater (ON SALE!) / Urban Outfitters - Beanie 

Yesterday in my "Details" post I actually shared with you these pants & sweater. I realized after doing the post that I liked them so much together that I was going to throw them on today. Alot of what I am wearing is result of Christmas celebrations! The sweater & beanie were both gifts from my in-laws, the earrings from my parents & the pants from my Grandpa (he didn't buy them but the Christmas $$$ he sent me did so that counts).

 I got so many great presents this year!! My favorite would hands-down have to be my baby ipad from my hubby. I have been asking for a new one for months now (ever since I had to sell my old ipad to go towards buying a new laptop once my laptop died over the summer - it was a sad day... I may have cried when I sold it). So I was beyond excited when I received it in the mail!!

What was your favorite thing you got for Christmas??

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  1. An ipad is a great present! And i really love your outfit! Such cute photos with your dog! -Jessica L