Monday, December 10, 2012

H&M Shopping Extravaganza!

Last Thursday two My Scuttle readers & I got to go to the Grand Opening of the new H&M store at Arbor Place Mall in ATL. Here are some of the photos from the event featuring some of my favorite H&M finds & our shopping extravaganza.

 Last week I had the best opportunity to go to the grand opening of the H&M store opening at the Arbor Place Mall! H&M gave 3 of my readers $100 gift cards and early access into the store! So I meet Tyler & Ami (my third winner, Andrea was unable to come :( we missed you!) at 11:30 to get our shopping on before the doors opened at 12:00 and the shopping craziness set in!

We had a blast shopping the store for numerous reasons 
1) because we loved everything 
2) we were the first shoppers so the store was in pristine condition 
3) there were so many great deals!!

 $15 hoodies for men & $5 lace tops for women, such great finds. There were endless options & within minutes Ami &Tyler were in the fitting rooms with piles of finds to try on. In typical man fashion, Tyler only had to hit the fitting room once & we had all of his finds & was checked out within 25 minutes. He walked away with a new pair of teal jeans, 3 shirts & a hoodie & still had some $$$ left over on his gift card. Ami only had to hit the fitting room once but she had such great luck with finding deals that she still had money left to spend so we had to go back out & find some more goodies. Ami walked out with a blazer, a sweater, 2 shirts, a dress, a beanie, a statement necklace & a purse. She only had to pay $7!

Tyler & Ami walked out of the store as happy campers. The big grins & big bags full of free H&M finds.  It was a great day! If you are still holiday shopping, make sure you check out your local H&M because you will find some amazing, cost-efficient gifts there. (see the shirt Ami is wearing in the 6th picture? only $5! Beautiful lace top shirt in numerous colors - told you there were great deals!) 

Thank you H&M for the $$$ & letting us in early to the celebration & thank you to everyone who entered in the H&M giveaway! Happy holidays & happy shopping


  1. I love H&M! It was basically the only store I would shop in while I lived in Germany and my love for it only grew once I got back stateside. What an awesome opportunity. I'm glad you had fun!


  2. Oh my gosh when it opened out in Kansas City people camped out like crazy and the sales they were running just that day was awesome.