Tuesday, December 18, 2012

End on a Great, BIG High Note

This year, just like every year, as December 31st quickly approaches we begin to look back at the year. We look back & laugh, cry or maybe scream at what has happened over the past 12 months. Unfortunately many people, including myself, can look at the year & instead of smiling about the victories & the mountains climbed, we often get a heavy heart for the mistakes made & the lack of progress in areas we wished to take. 

Right now, despite whatever 2012 held, lets choose, you & I to smile about the ground we did take this year. Lets choose to look back on the bright moments of 2012. The midnight movie showings with friends, the random dance parties that broke out (and you have video proof of :), the family dinners, the date nights, the late night chats, cries & laughs with your best friend over a good bottle of wine. As we go into Christmas & New Years lets dwell on those moments that made 2012 a great year, despite whatever obstacles we  faced. Lets go into these next few days of celebration with friends & family & lets create more of those memories that will make 2012 end on a great, BIG high note.

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