Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Be Bold

 How many times have you walked into a store, flipped through a magazine or browsed through an online store & found a crazy, over the top statement piece & you love it, it goes into your shopping cart but then... you end up going for the boring solid basic piece instead! We are all guilty, we've all done it. We have talked ourselves down from the fabulous, bold piece because we feel like we can't validate it because it doesn't match with as much. So we end up getting the boring piece that goes with almost everything instead & 2 weeks later we stare at our wardrobe & complain about how plain it is. 

Today my challenge for you is to think outside of the box!! Do not put those patterned pants back & buy the black jeans instead, go crazy & add some pattern!!! Sure it may not match with a much, but that doesn't mean you won't wear as much. With crazy pieces you just have to remember that it is the main focus of the outfit & that everything else you are wearing needs to be simple. 

My challenge to you: don't be boring be bold!

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