Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Show Me Your Space: Day Dream Frenzy

 Today I want to share with you the cute space of Rachel from Day Dream Frenzy
Rachel has one of the most adorable blogs! She chronicles some of the fun adventures she has in everyday life, as well as she shares great outfit ideas & inspiring photos. Let's take a look at her space!
Tell us a bit about your space (include all the yummy details!):
My space is my bedroom at my parent's house back in my hometown. It's been a little over 2 years since I've had this particular space, but it quickly became my personal haven. I only get to see it every few months or so while i'm away at college, but that just makes the feeling of coming home all the more special. 
What about your space makes it "uniquely Rachel"?
One thing that makes it "uniquely Rachel" is that I like to have everything on display. My jewelry, my perfume, even my shoes. People think I do this to make my room look cool, but really I'm just too lazy to store my junk in it's proper place haha! Laziness, now that's me.
What is your favorite item in your space?
 I looove my Urban Outfitters quilt that I like to use as my main bed comforter. I had put off buying it for so long, but I finally gave in and have been obsessed with it ever since! I think it really brings the whole "look" of my room together!
Isn't her space just so darn cute!?! I want that set of 3 gold owls that are in the first photo. 
Make sure you go visit a Day Dream Frenzy and get inspired by all of her beautiful photos & outfits!
Rachel's  Blog / Twitter / Facebook

Love you all! Have a beautiful Tuesday.

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