Monday, November 19, 2012

DIY - Glitter Party Nail!

If you are a crafter you are probably like me and have an assortment of glitter. Well glitter nail polish is all the rave right now but instead of spending $8+ on a bottle of nail polish, whip out your craft box and just make your own! It is super easy, I did it at my desk the other day while I was procrastinating on my work. 
 1 - Coat your nails with a base coat (if you are doing a party nail like I did, paint the rest of your nails the color you want them. I used OPI "little time")
 2 - Pour the glitter you would like to use on a sheet of paper and spread it out. The more the glitter is piled together the more will get on your nail. I wanted alot of glitter, so I piled it all together. If you want to just have a sprinkle of glitter only pour out a little and spread it out on the paper.  
 3 - Lay your finger flat on the glitter and roll it back and forth. The more you roll the more glitter you will pick up. So roll it once & look at it to decide how much more you want to do or if you need to add more glitter.
 4 - Remove the excess glitter by taping your finger tip on the paper.
5 - Cover the glitter with a top coat 2 times & VIOLA! Your own glittter nail polish.  Cheap & super easy.

You can also paint your nail a color and do a lite coat of glitter over it to make a SUPER party nail with both color and glitter, just make sure you only pour out a little glitter and spread it out alot or else it will go on heavy and you won't see the color on the nail. 

If you try your own glitter nail make sure you send me a picture of it!!! Tweet it at me @LoveMyScuttle or share it on my Facebook Page 


  1. For some reason I never thought of doing this, but it really is so simple. Great idea!

  2. I don't know why I didn't think of that! Such a great idea!

  3. I love this! Your blog is so cute! Want to keep in touch by following each other? :)