Friday, November 9, 2012

Break Some Rules Today

Lets talk about breaking the rules (mom this post is for you!) So there are a few of the old "fashion rules" that are exactly that... old. They are no longer relevant so break those babies!!  
Here are some rules to break:
1 - No white after Labor Day
2 - Don't mix black & brown
3 - Don't mix black & navy

Today's outfit I am actually going to tackle #2 & #3. Free yourselves & don't stress about having to be so matchy-matchy! If you are wearing a navy top, don't go change your purse because it is black. Navy & black actually look very chic together, look at the French women, they have been doing it for years! The same goes for black & brown, they can actually be very complimentary together, so don't shoot down an outfit just because it may break one of the old golden fashion rules. Think outside of the rule box & focus more on what looks pretty to the eye rather than to what breaks the rules because the reality is that fashion is art & there aren't any rules in art. Your creativity is the only limit on your wardrobe!
Go on... break some rules!

1 comment:

  1. PSH! To rules! I love that you broke all three rules and managed to rock them all without it looking too busy!