Monday, October 29, 2012

Life + Blog + Heart + Dream

Ever since my New York trip in September my head has been spinning with these questions: Who am I as a blogger? What is my voice? What is my vision? Well I am not still 110% sure the answers to those questions & may never be (who is really?) but after alot of dreaming, talking, reading, planning, writing & scheming this is where I stand...

"I may not be carrying the newest Prada bag but there is still no question that I love fashion. New York Fashion Week this past September was my first go-around & it was mind blowing. I was drooling over the runway while stopping over at Buffalo Exchange in-between shows to stay on trend but still have money for the metro back.

I'm a bit of everything (Hot Spots, Food, DIY, Travel... Life) but at the core of me you will always find style, fashion & color. So hangout with me & we will chat like old friends over a pumpkin spice latte about fashion, food, friends & all that life brings our way."

My blog is my life in picture & word form (with a big emphasis on my heart, fashion!) As a 20 something, young married, & recent graduate, I am still on a search. As I journey to find my own inner strength & voice in my life, my blog will do the same since its an expression of me & my life. So as I grow my roots deeper, make my voice stronger, so will my blog. I know my life has only just begun & so as I grow through the valleys & mountaintops in life, my blog will do the same. Thank you for loving & supporting me, my dream, my words & my heart along the way. As life happens, changes will occur, shifts will be made but all for the better. All to become a better person & a better blogger. There is no destination called arrival right?

Thank you for reading my ramblings & accepting me for me. Love you all!

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  1. I love it! I am kind of trying to recenter myself into where I am as a blogger also. Glad you had that moment of clarity, I am waiting for mine!