Friday, October 26, 2012

Jean On Jean

 Confession time,  for awhile I stood back with my arms crossed & judged those who wore jean on jean. I know, I know, I should have an open mind in the fashion world and I usually do, but for awhile I just could not accept this trend! But I am thankful to report that I busted out of my fashion box & tried it! AND I am proud to say that I actually really love the trend & have worn it a few times now. So the meaning of this story is to not knock a trend until you atleast try it once! 
Anyone else have an issue with this trend or another current trend? I know it is not just me!! Share with me so I know that I am not alone. 
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  1. I didn't necessarily dislike the jean on jean trend, I just didn't want to try it. And then I did, and I liked it too. I also hated booties and fur vests, and I've learned that they are such versatile pieces! I think you make this trend looks natural and effortless on you! -Jessica L


  2. i was anti double denim for a while too :)