Monday, October 29, 2012

How To Make The Summer To Fall Wardrobe Transition

 Take your favorite Summer look...
 ...into Fall with a few accessories

Lets be honest for a minute here. We all know that feeling of finally buying those summer pieces that you have been drooling over & then a week later the leaves start falling & the wind starts blowing. So it is necessary for the modern day woman to learn how to transition her favorite pieces into the next season. So before you pack away your favorite tank top or white denim, lets talk about how to make them fall appropriate.

Here I am wearing my brand new Free People floral jeans that are very summery. So to make them fall appropriate I put on a scarf that matched the color of my boots so that it fit with the outfit. The scarf has black in it as well so it allowed me to throw on a black cardigan that made the outfit fall appropriate but the color scheme still flowed & made perfect sense. So the key is finding an accessory piece (belt, scarf, tall boot socks) that you can put into the outfit that will tie in an appropriate cardigan/sweater/henley to be worn with the outfit.

brown boots -> brown scarf w/ black -> black cardigan

I could have easily thrown on a pair of dark grey boot socks that peeked out of the top of my boots & used that as a way to tie in a grey cardigan on a grey henley to go under the shirt. When transitioning from seasons it is usually easiest to do it with neutral colors but don't let that limit you! I have successfully transitioned a summer to fall outfit using purple. Also changing your jewelry will really help make it more season appropriate. Notice I nixed the yellow & turquoise bracelets but added a black ring. Its little changes like that that help seal the deal!

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  1. Love this! I was thinking this past weekend about how to transfer some of my summer clothing into fall. Good post!