Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How To Look Like A Complete Tourist

 I have a new tutorial for you all today, its called "How To Look Like A Tourist"
So if you are getting ready to travel outside of the country soon and you want some tips on how to stick out like a sore thumb & practically do everything short of wearing a shirt that says "Hey, i'm a tourist, please rip me off". Then this tutorial is for you! I will give you 7 easy steps to follow & if you do, I guarantee you will achieve the tourist results you are wanting!
 1 - Every picture you take make sure you do a peace sign
 2 - Definitely make sure you always do a guided tour, you have two options
  - go with a tour guide who carries a raised umbrella over her head the whole time
- rent one of these oh-so-cool headsets that looks like an old cell phone that talks to you along the way.

 3 - Make sure you carry a massive back pack (peace sign again! true tourist sign)
 4 - Buy & carry around the largest water bottle you can possibly find because Heaven knows when you will be able to drink water again. 
5 - ALWAYS have your travel guide book out. The bigger it is, the better. Read that baby with pride.
6 - Make sure you stop & watch all the ridiculous street gypsies (for extra tourist points take a picture with them!)
7 - To really seal the deal & put the final nail in the coffin, make sure you ride one of these beauties (extra tourist points for riding on the top level).

There you go ladies & gentlemen. My 7 easy steps to looking like a complete tourist!
There are plenty of other tips we could add to the list, if you have any please leave a comment & 
share with me your tips to being a tourist.

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