Thursday, October 25, 2012

An American In Venice

On the Grand Canal
A typical road in Venice
A house on the Grand Canal

A great glass of wine while watching the gondolas on the canal
Beautiful apartments!
Gondolas everywhere!
Inside where the Venetians royalties used to live
Beautiful architecture everywhere
Yep, thats happening! And Barn loved it.
Look closely... yes that is the square in venice flooded. Everyone had to walk on a temporary walk way to get thru the square. It happens every morning & is flooded until about lunch time.
Looking at the old jails in Venice. Where is Barn??
A legit gondola
Street artist. Beautiful!
I think James Bond may be on that boat!!
I feel in love with Venice! Everyone keeps asking me which city was my favorite & I have a really hard time answering that because they were all so different from each other & I loved them each for different reasons BUT if I am forced to pick one, I would have to say Venice. It was even better then I though it would be. It was quaint & romantic, just like you expect it to be. On the main island of Venice there isn't a car or vespa to be found, just tiny streets to walk down & canals to boat through. When guidebooks tell you that the best thing to do in Venice is to get lost there, they aren't joking & its a surprisingly easy thing to do as well. We didn't do heaps of site-seeing in Venice, we really just wandered around & took in the beauty & culture of the city... it was absolutely stunning.
Dinner on the canal.
The best treats of my life!
Grand Canal
He is a history buff that one!
Going to have this guys face put onto a welcome mat for my house.
One of the largest rooms in Europe. Ornately decorated in frescos and used for city meetings and voting
Old jail cell

Oh Venice how I miss you! I will be back one day soon!

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  1. I love how fascinating and beautiful the apartments in Venice are. You can still see the marks of the renaissance period. Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures. I remember a freind of mine who is going to transfer on her rivergate apartments robertson quay She told me that one day she wants to go to Venice.