Tuesday, October 23, 2012

An American In Florence

We stumbled upon choir practice at the Cathedral di Santa Maria del Fiore. Watch and take a listen to choir, breathtaking! Also the ceiling is a fresco depicting the Last Judgement, absolutely Beautiful!
The Duomo in all of its glory!
Amongst the city it is a huge pillar of art & beauty right in the middle.
If we had a coat of arms on our door, this is what it would be!
A proper Italian cappuccino, apart of my morning routine.
Can you say brutal!?!
The city of Florence with the Duomo smack-dab in the middle, towering above the city.
Barn doing his best impression.
I felt like I was in the movie Secret Garden!
Yep - that's really happening.
There he is in all of his glory!
Blurry because I was having to discretely take the photo with my phone because cameras weren't allowed... such  a rebel!
Gorgeous ceiling!! At the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. Depicting the Last Judgement.
I absolutely loved Florence. It was truly love at first sight (well, love at first sight once we found our hotel haha). The people were lovely, everything was so close & there was no need for public transportation. I would just wander around the streets in the afternoon because the city was so easy-going & quaint. Florence was a great mix of nature & history. My favorite Cathedrals were in Florence (check out the video if you haven't yet at the top of the page!), and the Boboli Gardens were like walking in a dream. Beautiful... I'm ready to go back.

Train we took to get to Florence from Rome!
House of Medici. Where they used to live & political meetings are still held (one is happening in this photo actually!)
Massive room covered in enormous masterpieces.
In front of the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge
At the Boboli Gardens. 
Absolutely gorgeous! What a hard life living there.
A street performer that I supported! Wow... that is talent.
I ate about 5 of these a day, I may be having withdrawls
Ponte Vecchio & Florence on the river.
Buckle up, we are off to Venice next. Ciao!

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