Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Animal Sweater Madness

Animal Sweater Madness

It is animal sweater madness around here this fall!!!
These are a few of my favorites that I have seen so far. Haven't decided yet which sweater I will invest in yet but I am really loving the sheep! Which one do you like most?

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Review Me: The Birth of Venus

I love the crisp, clean pages & cover of a new book but the reality is that the best books are the worn ones. The ones who's covers are a little torn, the edges are a little worn & the corners show the creases from where they have been dog eared to act as a poor mans bookmark. A worn book is the best because that means it was to good to put down so it was shoved into purses, book bags & suitcases. It was so captivating that it couldn't be left to wait in pristine condition on the bed side table but instead it traveled with its drooling audience everywhere so that they could slip in a few pages in the few down minutes the reader could grasp here-and-there. It was read on subways, on lunch breaks & in bed at night until the wee morning hours when the reader finally give in on the fight against sleep. So please, do judge a book by its cover because a good worn one proved that it was so good it could never be left behind... and thats a book worth investing your imagination in. 

It is not a typical book I would pick up. Inside my head I have quite a crazy imagination so I usually always tend towards more fantasy types like Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings. I picked up the book though because while I was traveling in Italy & I wanted a story that took place in one of the cities I was visiting. The last time I was in Italy I was reading "Angels & Demons" & it made visiting Rome & the Vatican so, SO cool because it made the book so real & come to life in a whole new way for me. It made it feel like I shared a personal connection with the characters because when a certain palazzo or fresco was described I knew exactly where it was & what it looked like!

So I did what any person in my generation would do when they want to find something random, I googled it! I asked the all knowing Google "what is the best book based in Italy" and Sarah Dunant's name popped up! After reading synopsis & reviews I was sold on this book. This novel is based in Florence during the Renaissance and is told from the voice of the main character Alessandra who we meet at the age of fourteen & follow through out much of her life. The story is based around the fact that Alessandra has the talent & the heart to be an artist but in that day & age it was not acceptable at all for women to have a life in art. 

For me this story carried two major messages. The first was one of historic value. I learned so much about the culture of Italy in that time. How the artwork & the cathedrals carried such significance & value for the people. It made walking into the Duomo in the heart of Florence absolutely astounding! Not only was some of the most important artwork of the Renaissance introduced & described in such a beautiful way but it came to life for me. Also a big part of the story that she weaved in in such an interesting way was the fall of the Medicis reign which was so interesting. The historical info I learned from this book was so interesting coming from someone who does not usually read historical novels. Secondly this story carried such a message of forgiveness, especially towards those who are closes to us... family. Not only is the story about forgiveness but it also oozes of the message of  persistence in our dreams. We are given dreams & passions for a reason, so despite the odds never give up... Alessandra never did. 

All-in-all this book was beautifully written, made reading about history fun & left me smiling & inspired. I give it two thumbs up & if you are traveling too Italy soon, it is a must read. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

STEAL! Dorothy Perkins

I was online searching for a great holiday dress because the Christmas parties will be kicking in shortly and I stumbled across this beauty. It is a gold + pink marriage that is so pretty. It looks dainty with the lace overlay  & would be pretty on so many different skin tones. Best part, it is only $12!!! Thank you Dorothy Perkins.

Show Me Your Space: Holly Dolly

I am so excited to share with you my new series of blog posts called "Show Me Your Space".
These posts will feature some of the most fabulous bloggers around & their work space. Alot of people assume that fashion & lifestyle bloggers make the big bucks & blog from a high-rise penthouse in Manhattan. Well for the majority of bloggers that is the farthest from truth you can get. Most of us blog in our pajamas from our kitchen table while watching Gossip Girl after work. That is the reality of most bloggers but just because we don't have a penthouse office doesn't mean that our "blogging office" isn't creative, inspiring & uniquely our own. So weekly I want to share with you some beautiful women & their "space" where they create, dream, work & inspire. And you will see that you aren't that much different from the ladies who inspire you.
Today I want you to meet one of my favorite bloggers around (and its not just because we are name twins!), she is none other than Holly from Holly Dolly. This lady is one of the cutest chicks around! As a newlywed she will inspire you with some of the most gorgeous wedding photos that contain ingenious party & wedding ideas as well as show you how to pull off the most recent trends but not go broke doing it. She is adorable & cost efficient all at the same time, what more can you want in a girl?!? Enough from me, lets hear from Holly...
Tell us a bit about your space (include all the yummy details!):
I'm lucky that my work space is right in mine & my husband's apartment. We've only been in this new place for a few months now, but I couldn't be happier to have a whole room to myself for my blogging/sewing/crafting (seriously, you should've seen my room at our last place. It was the size of a closet!) Now, I not only have a desk and sewing table, but I also have a nice big cutting table, & a big walk in closet. I can do my sewing, crafting, blogging, & outfit planning all in one space :)
What about your space makes it "uniquely Holly"?
My bows! I'm a big bow lover. And the biggest seller in my Etsy shop are my bow tie necklaces. I have my bows hanging everywhere (even more then in the pictures here). And that bow pillow on my chair is pretty adorable, too, if I do say so myself.  I've also been going through old sketches from my design school days, and hanging up some of my favorites. It reminds me of what I love to do.
What is your favorite item in your space?
Definitely the old Singer sewing machine table. It was my grandma's, and also the first machine that I learned to sew on. I don't actually sew on it anymore, I just use it as a desk. But it means so much to me that I am able to have it.
 I told you she is adorable right!?! Go check out some of her lifestyle & outfit inspiration on her blog, Holly Dolly. Also, to check out those cute bows she was talking about go visit her Etsy shop.

Love you all! Have a great Tuesday

Monday, October 29, 2012

How To Make The Summer To Fall Wardrobe Transition

 Take your favorite Summer look...
 ...into Fall with a few accessories

Lets be honest for a minute here. We all know that feeling of finally buying those summer pieces that you have been drooling over & then a week later the leaves start falling & the wind starts blowing. So it is necessary for the modern day woman to learn how to transition her favorite pieces into the next season. So before you pack away your favorite tank top or white denim, lets talk about how to make them fall appropriate.

Here I am wearing my brand new Free People floral jeans that are very summery. So to make them fall appropriate I put on a scarf that matched the color of my boots so that it fit with the outfit. The scarf has black in it as well so it allowed me to throw on a black cardigan that made the outfit fall appropriate but the color scheme still flowed & made perfect sense. So the key is finding an accessory piece (belt, scarf, tall boot socks) that you can put into the outfit that will tie in an appropriate cardigan/sweater/henley to be worn with the outfit.

brown boots -> brown scarf w/ black -> black cardigan

I could have easily thrown on a pair of dark grey boot socks that peeked out of the top of my boots & used that as a way to tie in a grey cardigan on a grey henley to go under the shirt. When transitioning from seasons it is usually easiest to do it with neutral colors but don't let that limit you! I have successfully transitioned a summer to fall outfit using purple. Also changing your jewelry will really help make it more season appropriate. Notice I nixed the yellow & turquoise bracelets but added a black ring. Its little changes like that that help seal the deal!

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Life + Blog + Heart + Dream

Ever since my New York trip in September my head has been spinning with these questions: Who am I as a blogger? What is my voice? What is my vision? Well I am not still 110% sure the answers to those questions & may never be (who is really?) but after alot of dreaming, talking, reading, planning, writing & scheming this is where I stand...

"I may not be carrying the newest Prada bag but there is still no question that I love fashion. New York Fashion Week this past September was my first go-around & it was mind blowing. I was drooling over the runway while stopping over at Buffalo Exchange in-between shows to stay on trend but still have money for the metro back.

I'm a bit of everything (Hot Spots, Food, DIY, Travel... Life) but at the core of me you will always find style, fashion & color. So hangout with me & we will chat like old friends over a pumpkin spice latte about fashion, food, friends & all that life brings our way."

My blog is my life in picture & word form (with a big emphasis on my heart, fashion!) As a 20 something, young married, & recent graduate, I am still on a search. As I journey to find my own inner strength & voice in my life, my blog will do the same since its an expression of me & my life. So as I grow my roots deeper, make my voice stronger, so will my blog. I know my life has only just begun & so as I grow through the valleys & mountaintops in life, my blog will do the same. Thank you for loving & supporting me, my dream, my words & my heart along the way. As life happens, changes will occur, shifts will be made but all for the better. All to become a better person & a better blogger. There is no destination called arrival right?

Thank you for reading my ramblings & accepting me for me. Love you all!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Jean On Jean

 Confession time,  for awhile I stood back with my arms crossed & judged those who wore jean on jean. I know, I know, I should have an open mind in the fashion world and I usually do, but for awhile I just could not accept this trend! But I am thankful to report that I busted out of my fashion box & tried it! AND I am proud to say that I actually really love the trend & have worn it a few times now. So the meaning of this story is to not knock a trend until you atleast try it once! 
Anyone else have an issue with this trend or another current trend? I know it is not just me!! Share with me so I know that I am not alone. 
Photos By Swell Studios  Blog / Twitter Facebook

An American On The Amalfi Coast

Our ride from Venice to the Amalfi Coast
View from our balcony
The cutest little house in the Amalfi cliffs. Fresh grapes growing around the entrance. #Jealous
My breakfast & reading spot

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Walk In The Woods + Giveaway!

Journeyed into the wilderness for today's photos! Today I put together a "look for less", with some of my recent steals & closet favorites!

Shirt - Splendid ($14)
Button-down Sheer Tank - Forever 21 ($12)
Jeans - 7 for all mankind ($30)
Heels - Nine West ($14)
Earrings - Forever 21 ($1.50)
Total Outfit = $71.50

What, $71.50! That is so cheap considering that this outfit includes a pair of 7 jeans! They were originally $180 and I scored them for $30, can you say steal!?!? 
Photos By Swell Studios  Blog / Twitter Facebook
 Deals put me in a super good mood, so I think it is time for a GIVEAWAY!
 Today's giveaway is Fall Survival Kit part 2. I love this kit because it is packed full of so many goodies, I am tempted to keep it myself
 Kit Contents:
Reem Acra Perfume
Shopstyle Journal
Mantra Style Bamboo Phone Case
Jurlique Herbal Recovery Gel
2 Papyrus Cards
Victoria Secret Coconut Passion Body Butter
Sinful Colors Nail Polish - Tokyo Doll
Color Club Nail Polish - What A Drag
Urban Outfitters Earrings
"Style Is Eternal" Canvas Shopper Bag

Giveaway closes on October 31st at 11:59pm. Here is how you enter the giveaway:
1 - Leave a comment telling me what is on your fall wish list
2 - Like me on facebook :) and leave a comment telling me you did
For extra entries
3 - Follow me on Twitter & leave me a comment letting me know you did
4 - Tweet about the giveaway & leave me a comment letting know you did
Example tweet : Enter to win a fall survival kit on the @LoveMyScuttle blog! Enter the giveaway here

 Happy Fall & good luck!

An American In Venice

On the Grand Canal
A typical road in Venice
A house on the Grand Canal

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How To Look Like A Complete Tourist

 I have a new tutorial for you all today, its called "How To Look Like A Tourist"
So if you are getting ready to travel outside of the country soon and you want some tips on how to stick out like a sore thumb & practically do everything short of wearing a shirt that says "Hey, i'm a tourist, please rip me off". Then this tutorial is for you! I will give you 7 easy steps to follow & if you do, I guarantee you will achieve the tourist results you are wanting!
 1 - Every picture you take make sure you do a peace sign
 2 - Definitely make sure you always do a guided tour, you have two options
  - go with a tour guide who carries a raised umbrella over her head the whole time
- rent one of these oh-so-cool headsets that looks like an old cell phone that talks to you along the way.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Style In Rome

Shirt, Jeans & Purse - Nordstrom Rack
Sneakers - Top Shop (on sale now!)
Watch - Michael Khors
Bracelets - Banana Republic (similar)
Sunnies - DKNY

  This is the outfit I wore on our first big day of exploring. It is probably one of the days we walked the most (a good 10 miles). So this outfit was my way to stay fashionable but still travel friendly. I practically lived in these sneakers during the trip, definitely got my moneys worth out of them. These pictures are all in Rome.

I don't look to much like a tourist do I?