Friday, September 28, 2012

STEAL! Initial Ring

These days I am all about the initials!
 Remember like 9-10 years ago when the whole initial fad was really in? It was like a constant Lavern & Shirley show happening in real life. Everyone had the purses & shirts with their initial on it. Well I was (and am still) a wee bit bitter about that fad because I NEVER found an "H". At the time if I couldn't find an H then I was flat out of luck because my maiden name started with an H as well! So I am so happy that it is coming back around & that shopping on the internet is the way to go because now I can finally get an H!! I bought an initial necklace at Top Shop the other day & my heart is so happy.

I love this ring, so simple & dainty. Plus its only $12, I'll take two please!


  1. Oh, I love the initials everywhere!

  2. love it!