Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Party Crashing? A First For Me!

After dinner one night my friend Tabitha was planning on taking us to this adorable 50's
 inspired desert stop in Brooklyn called Farmacy. After she had raved about it all day & we took the long scenic walking route to get there, we finally arrived but to our dismay a private event was happening. Luckily for us the host, Topher, was so nice & let us in to join the fun.
This man was making the dreams come true! Whipping up the best milkshakes, I dare to say, in 
New York. Here he is hard at working, maybe making mine???
The Farmacy has the cutest, retro decor without being over the top. You really felt like you walked into an old school soda shop straight out of a Beaver Cleaver episode. I felt like I should hop up on a stool at the bar, spin around a few times & ask for my usual (thankfully for the staff there I refrained :).
Everything from the workers outfits to even the tip jar was down pat. Perfectly themed.
Some of the cutest decor!
Here were our choices and the special menu for the night. My float is the one on the bottom left. I got the last float on the menu, the Flatbush Ave Float that was made with chocolate egg cream with a scoop of ice cream... delicious! Great choice. ALWAYS say yes to the egg cream option.
These are the two lovely ladies that I went with! Tabitha (long time friend & stylist in NYC & Alyssa, owner of We Like We Love)
Here is our host Topher serving up the the glory in a cup! He was even dressed in the theme... very dedicated he was. 
 Their super cute business card.

I am happy say that I do LOVE the Farmacy, it will definitely be a trip requirement every time I visit NYC for Fashion Week. If you live in the area or are planning a trip out there, make sure you stop on by. It is in such a great neighborhood in Brooklyn, you will love the whole experience. Promise!

Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain:

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  1. This is adorable! What a great party!