Friday, September 7, 2012

NYFW: Supima Design Competition

Supima Design Competition

I loved this show for a couple reasons:
1- It celebrates up & coming designers & the winner got $10,000 of cold hard cash.
2 - Rachel Zoe was at it and was the main judge of it
3 - We got to see mini collections from 8 designers that were so different & brilliant.
4 - We got goodies from the sponsors! Oh how I love presies

Here is a video of the highlights of the show:

Here are my top picks & the winner:
Meredith Lyon: This was my runner-up to win. I loved the gold foil & construction

Yvonne Luong: This would have been my winner. Gorgeous, hand dyed fabric & construction

Kate Wilkoff: Who the Supima judges choose as the winner! The 3rd dress pictured here is my favorite.

Rachel Zoe & Her Hubby. I was creeping to get a photo with my iphone :)

That was all the runway excitement for me on Day 1 of fashion week.
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