Thursday, September 13, 2012

NYFW: Beamon, Tlale, Rucci & Emerson

Hello my lovelies! It has been a crazy, crazy, CRAZY ten days. 
They have been jam packed days but so much fun.  I haven't had much time to sit down
& share with you all the madness of New York Fashion Week, so now that the week is drawing to an end I will start showing you my adventures from past week over the next few blog posts. So here are a few of the shows I went to on Monday. Unfortunately I didn't love everything I saw, but as with any art, I appreciate it all, it just may not be my taste. So it may not be my cup of tea but I am sure it is to plenty of others.

Erickson Beamon
It was interesting, one of my least favorite shows. The clothes to me were neither
practical nor elegant. If you choose to view the pieces as just purely artwork, then I 
would just say that it wasn't necessarily my taste, just a bit to dark and corky for my me.
I did love the make-up though. It was like batman in make-up form :) 

David Tlale
I loved his presentation layout. Clean but fun, a perfect marriage. 
I wasn't a huge fan of this collection, mainly because I think that color of green is hideous. 
So if it was another shade or maybe a whole other color completely I would have 
enjoyed it more. There were a few beautiful pieces (like the tangerine sparkle dress above)
but as a whole I thought the collection was just ok.

Chado Ralph Rucci
I love, Love, LOVED this collection! It was so fun & sophisticated. The pieces moved so
 beautifully but yet they were so structured. It was such a gorgeous pairing of strength & femininity. 
The collection was full of color! He used alot of pink, yellow & tangerine & paired it with white & black to make the color really POP. I would wear any item from that line. Just beautiful! And he got a standing ovation at the end to prove it.

Oh Emerson, Emerson, Emerson. Any show that ends with a Beastie Boys
song just tells you that the show was a party. It was a filled with feminine meets sporty
ready-to-wear pieces. Her show kept true with the rest of other designers color wise &
consisted of alot of black, white, grey, tangerine & royal blue. She used alot of sheer
& shiny materials. The styling was fabulous! The whole product of this show I loved, from the
shoes, hair & make-up, to the music & the grand finale of red polka dots falling from the sky.
This was hands down the funnest show I went to.

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  1. Just based on your lovely photos I'd say my fave is Chado Ralph Rucci- so feminine and lovely! But Emerson looked like a blast too haha!