Saturday, September 1, 2012

Life Thru My Iphone - West Coast Edition Pt 1

1 - Republic of Pie! Yummy stop in North Hollwood
2 - My Free People pants match the couch :)
3 - Good old 42D seat on Delta. Gotta love being in the back.
4 - Macaroni Pot Pie = Heaven in my mouth
5 - I had many of these in LA, Crazy how 3 hr time difference can kick your butt.
6 - One of the cutest books! Check out her work at Little Brown Pen
7 - Sweet building artwork in Silver Lake
8 - Brittany from Swell Studios & the nut doing work.

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Missing my west coast adventures already! Oh well, the east coast will have to do.
Off to New York City on Monday!

1 comment:

  1. hey lady! new to your site from scathingly brilliant. these pictures are amazing! i especially love your pants that match the couch, too funny! i'm looking forward to scouring your pages, thanks for the inspirations :)