Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fashion's Night Out

Fashion's Night Out
It is an annual extravaganza that accompanies fashion week & let me tell you, its was MADNESS.
Coming from someone who loves black friday & lives for the 4:30am Target mad dashes... this was insane. You could barely move. The escalators would get so jammed at the bottom that police had to stand there and push people out of the way so that there wasn't a massive stockpile of human bodies at the bottom of each escalator. Streets were barricaded off & filled with thousands of people. I came to learn that the people in the industry don't usually come out unless they have to work. It was quite an experience. I came, I saw & I don't really want to do it again. 

For the night my friends & I decided to head to Lord & Taylor. They had quite the line up of designers & bloggers plus Kim Kardashian & the cast of Project Runway. So we figured if we were going to go out in the insanity, that we atleast wanted to meet some cool peeps. Here are some pics from the night:
1 - We spent our Fashion's Night Out at Lord & Taylor
2 - If you are a Project Runway fan then you would know this dress. Christopher created this 2 weeks ago & won the challenge which allowed him to sell it in Lord & Taylor stores. It's not my color :(
3 - H!!! beads (I just think there pretty)
4 - Swag at Lord & Taylor. You could make bracelets that said whatever your heart desired
5 - I got to meet Keiko Lynn who is one of my favorite bloggers & an inspiration. Isn't she gorgeous!
6 - Kim Kardashian sighting! Too much make-up & too many peeps screaming for me.
7 - Nick Verreos from Project Runway laughing at me
8 - Being crazy with one of my besties, Tabitha & Nick Verreos
9 - Intense conversation with Jay McCarroll about what special face we should make.
10 - The face we decided on :)

So long Fashion's Night Out! Until next year... maybe.

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  1. That sounds crazy, but it looks like you had so much fun!