Thursday, August 23, 2012

Umami Burger Thru My Iphone

An adult cream soda. Yum!
 Cheese filled tater tots
Love the black ceiling with chandeliers! Makes eating
hamburgers even classier
Burgers are tastier when you are eating with these 2 beauties
The sauces are just as good as the burgers! 
Umami sauce, garlic aioli  & jalapeno ranch
 The Umami Burger! Shitake mushroom, carmelized onions, roasted tomato, 
parmesan crisp & umami ketchup.
Umami margarita & an adult shirley temple.

There is so much yummy food here in LA! I don't even know where to begin. 
Umami was so tasty, I ate every bite. Plus throw in the swanky atmosphere & the decor 
of big red swivel thrones as seats & chandeliers on the ceiling & you seal the deal for me.
 If you live in the area or are visiting you should definitely visit it, there are a few different locations.

Eat a tasty burger & enjoy your day!

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