Thursday, August 2, 2012

STEAL! Yellow Sandal Edition

"And It Was All Yellow!"
Every time I look at these cute sandals I can't help but bust out in that Cold Play song.
Why do I love these? Because A POP of yellow looks fabulous on anyone. If you are like me
& can't actually wear yellow because it makes your skin look green & then people ask you if you are feeling ok when you wear it, then these babies are for you! I can't wear a yellow dress or shirt but I can do accent pieces like these festive sandals. This guy is by J.P. original corp. which a brand sold by ModCloth which can mean only one thing if it is on ModCloth... there a steal! only $29!!
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  1. Yes, I wanted these sandals so badly! If only I didn't already have a pair of yellow sandals...-Jessica