Friday, August 3, 2012

Pink + Polka Dots on a Budget

 Shirt: H.I.P. (Nordstrom Rack) - $9.20 orig. $28.00
Jeans: J. Brand (Nordstrom Rack) - $28.05 orig. $120!!
Purse: Target - $7.97 orig. $28
Shoes: DSW - $30 orig. $60

Different shades of pink & polka-dots are huge trends right now (for more on the topic check out my guest post from today on Sandy A La Mode). So this is proof that you can be fashion forward on a budget. Don't let your budget get your inner fashion diva down. 


  1. Love your top, very cute!

    Dropping by from Sandy a la Mode!

  2. omg this is super cute :) great blog girl! cant wait to read more!

  3. Hi, i read your guest post on Sandy's blog and loved it!! Glad I found your blog too! xoxo