Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fall Trends 2012 - Pt. 1

Happy Wednesday (Hump Day!). I know I am a day late but better late than never right?
Here is the follow-up post to the video blog I posted on Monday talking about the fall trends for this year. Below you will see some examples of the trends I talked about looking out for when you are shopping & that you should invest in. 
1 - Gap  2 - Orly 3- Forever 21 4 - Top Shop
5 - Clinique 6 - Garnier  7 - OPI  8 - ASOS

Here is a quick review of some of the must-have-items for fall 2012:

1 - Matte Nail Polish: Get it in any color. Pretty because there is no shine to it. 
2 - Loafers: A touch of men's wear. Get a loafer with a heel if you still want to keep it feminine
3 - BB Cream (a.k.a time & money saver in a bottle): It is foundation, sunscreen & anti-aging cream all-in-one! Much better coverage then tinted moisturizer but not cakey like foundation.
4 - Bookbag purse: allows you to only have to carry one bag but it is still cute & not bulky like typical a book bag. I personally like neutral colored ones that have a tiny pop of color because they still have personality but go with almost everything

Those are all of the items from Part 1 of the Fall Fashion 2012 Must-Haves. Next Monday I will be back with Part 2 containing more fall goodness. 60 degree weather please get here soon!!!


  1. I'm definitely going to be buying some matte polish and loafers! Found your blog via your Sandy a la mode guest post! Love your style and posts! Can't wait to see what you wear next (following with Bloglovin)!!

    xo Jenny

  2. Hi Holly! Just found you through Sandy a la Mode! I love your picks here! Matte nail polish? I'm sold!

  3. should be banned as a fashion blogger b/c i don't even own a single pair of loafers!? that really needs to change!!

  4. I want that nail polish!!! So cute!