Thursday, August 23, 2012

Anniversary & A Surprise!

Today is my 4 year anniversary of marriage to my best friend & the greatest husband a 
girl could ask for! Unfortunately we are not together today. He is on the east coast
& I am on the west coast :( But distance will not stop up from celebrating! This is what I 
woke-up to this morning. (yes, we call each other mr. & mrs. peep)

Text Messages From My Hubby:
I want to be with you so bad, so...."
This Tumness says "Happy Anniversary!!!!"
"This duck says 'Happy Anniversary!!' and returns
to her duties as the duck watchman at the window."
Mr. Peep says "Happy Anniversary!!" 
These two puppies say "Happy Anniversary!!"
Mr. Peep going to work saying "Happy Anniversary!!"
Mr. Peep working hard, but saying "Happy Anniversary!!"
"Mr. Peep at the McDonalds development 
meeting saying "Happy Anniversary!!"
"Mr. Peep going on lunch adventure saying 'Happy
Anniversary!!' Where will he go? Nobody knows."
"Mr. Peep on his adventure saying, "Happy Anniversary!!"
"Oh nos, did the peep get lost??? 'Happy Anniversary!!'
from the little lost peep!"
"Oh nos, what did the peep find??"
"Cute Pink Heart??"
"Cute Whole Heart?"
"And my final purchase had to be the one in Tiffany blue!
Happy Anniversary cute peep!!!
Hope you like it. Love you!"

What a great surprise!! He is the best & cutest hubby ever.
4 years strong & 80+ to go ;)

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