Monday, July 30, 2012

Viva Las Vegas!

In 11 days I will be heading to the one & only Vegas!
 I will be going to a conference for 3 days but I am going a few days early to enjoy the city & have some fun. I have never been to Vegas before so I am beyond excited!! So here is what is on my list of things to do in Vegas so far:

1. Go to the Top Shop Store! (we don't have one in ATL)
2. Stay out of the 108 degree weather

Yep, that is all I have on my list as of right now, not very exciting huh? I NEED HELP! Share with me your travel wisdom & let me know of some fun things to do, see, buy & eat in Vegas!


  1. Vegas was SO freaking fun when I went over spring break. We went and saw the Blue Man Group which I would say is a MUST! Then I really loved going into old Vegas just to see what was going on.

  2. The buffet at the Rio is the best for lunch/dinner, and the one at the Paris is the best for breakfast.
    Walk all around the Venetian and get gelato!
    Get a 3 foot mixed drink in front of the Hard Rock.
    Get free drinks while gambling and walk through the casinos while traveling down the strip instead of walking outside.