Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Today's Steal
 I love this Express Art Deco Mini Skirt. It is very The Great Gatsby but in the 21st century.
It is a 1920's inspired design brought into modern times (what makes it not strictly 1920's? the length!). This is a great piece for your wardrobe because it can be so versatile. Dress it up with a sheer blouse or one-shoulder shirt OR dress it down with a tee & some high-top tennies. It can go either way & that is what is so fabulous about this piece. Versatile pieces are your best friends!
Thank you Express!


  1. First, have you seen the promo for the new Great Gatsby? Uhmazing! Second, I completely agree with how this skirt reminds me of it but completely updated.

    1. Yes I have seen the promo & I am in love!! I cannot wait for it to come out. Leonardo & Toby are PERFECT! December can't get here soon enough. I want to re-read the book before it comes out. Have you read it?